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    When it comes to remodeling a kitchen for your beautiful Midland, TX home, you need to go with the best kitchen remodel contractor in Midland. Upscale Remodeling Midland provides luxury kitchen renovations and will take care of the entire process including flooring, updated kitchen cabinets, painting, appliances, sinks, kitchen island and lighting fixtures. Wanting to move around your island or update the layout of your kitchen? Not a problem. Our team of professional general contractors are happy to meet you renovation needs and when it comes to your kitchen remodeling project, you'll be in good hands every step of the way. We pride ourselves on good communication, keeping a clean worksite, and using the highest quality materials in your construction project.

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    Kitchen Remodel in Midland

    A kitchen is like the centerpiece of the home. You want to be able to host parties, friends, and neighbors and show off your amazing kitchen. We'll help you in the design process of your dream kitchen and help build out the perfect layout for your home.

    Kitchen Cabinets in Midland

    We have access to the best kitchen cabinets on the market, whatever look you want. Whether it's a farmhouse style kitchen, or a modern sleek look for your new kitchen. Updating your kitchen cabinets can give your kitchen the look you've always wanted.

    Appliances in Midland

    Doing a kitchen remodel project is the perfect reason to update old appliances and upgrade to a new refrigerator, sinks, dishwashers, and maybe a pull out microwave hidden in your new kitchen island.

    Wall Demolition / Wall Addition in Midland

    Wanting a bigger kitchen? No problem. At Upscale Remodeling, we can take down or add any wall. We'll go through this in our design consultation with you after you fill out the free quote form to get started.

    Kitchen Island in Midland

    Having a bold kitchen island with an off color than the rest of your kitchen is a great way to get the guests talking. With new countertops, a kitchen island is a host's masterpiece.

    Countertops in Midland

    We have access to a wide variety of kitchen countertops for you to choose from, whether it's butcher block or granite we've got you covered on your dream kitchen remodeling project.

  • Kitchen Remodel FAQ

    Common Kitchen Renovation Questions

    In What order should I remodel my kitchen?

    1. Design. What do you want your dream kitchen to look like?

    2. Budget

    3. Interior Demolition

    4. Run new electrical and plumbing

    5. Install new flooring for your kitchen

    6. Install new kitchen cabinets

    7. Install the new kitchen countertops

    8. Set in place the larger appliances such as dishwasher, oven, refrigerator, etc.

    9. Set up new kitchen cabinet hardware.

    10. Put in backsplash and finishing touches.

    What is the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel?

    You will most likely spend the most money on your new kitchen cabinets and it's well worth it with cabinet designs these days. Good kitchen cabinets can set your kitchen apart. The average cost you can expect to spend on kitchen cabinets can be around $15k. Cabinets are foundational to your kitchen remodel and hold all the storage space. If you want to save a bit of money, you can always opt to doing open shelving in place of some of your wall cabinets which is a great design.

    How long does a kitchen remodel take?

    Typically on average a kitchen remodel can take between 4 weeks to 3 months. It's dependent on the scope of work you're doing. Obviously a full tear of the existing kitchen and building out a new kitchen will take longer than replacing cabinets and hardware. You won't know exact finish dates before talking to a qualitied kitchen remodeler.

    Can I live in my home during a kitchen remodel?

    Yes. However, it's entirely up to you. We'll talk through it with you and help make every accommodation for you to still live in your home, but we cannot tell you where or where not to stay.

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    A kitchen is one of the most significant places in a house where you eat, cook, and prepare food for you and your loved ones. Therefore, this place must always be well-organized and designed to be as accessible as possible. A kitchen remodel can help you make your kitchen the favorite place inside a house. We can help you remodel your kitchen according to its use and your needs. Contact us today!

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    Looking to renovate or remodel your house’s kitchen to make it more appealing and valuable to your home? At Upscale Remodeling, we can help you come up with some of the most innovative ideas for your kitchen and can remodel it according to your needs. Schedule a consultation with us today!