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    Businesses and commercial spaces are important to our economy in Midland, TX and the surrounding areas. Therefore we want to do our best to make each Midland business, office and commercial space we remodel look as good as possible. We want to be the go to local remodel contractors for all renovation needs in the commercial industry. We take great pride in creating the best office designs, warehouse renovations, and commercial bathroom remodels. We'll walk you through every step of the process and get your business ready to thrive with a custom renovation.

    You want to have the perfect atmosphere for your Midland business whether it's an office or a coffee shop. Atmosphere drives productivity and sales. Upscale Remodeling Midland knows how to achieve the perfect look for your Midland business. Fill out the form to the right and we'll be in touch to get the design process for your business space going.

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    The Best Designs for your Commercial Space

    Commercial Kitchen Remodel in Midland

    A bad kitchen design is not a good start for a Midland restaurant. We'll work with you to build out the best kitchen for your business to increase productivity.

    Commercial Bathroom Remodel in Midland

    You want your customers and clients to enjoy the bathroom that your business has to offer. Make sure to go with Upscale Remodeling to build out the bathroom that gets your customers talking.

    Commercial Flooring in Midland

    Commercial flooring needs to be up to par to handle traffic and improve the look of your business. Whether it's stained concrete, epoxy, carpet, wood, tile, or vinyl, Upscale Remodeling builds out the best floors.

    Commercial Wall Demolition / Wall Addition in Midland

    In the process of your commercial renovation, you'll most likely need to either take out or build walls and we can make that happen to achieve the vision you have for your business.

    Commercial Office Renovations in Midland

    Your office space is one of the most important spaces in your business. Want to make your employees happy? Call Upscale Remodeling to build out your dream office for your business.

    Commercial Lighting Upgrades in Midland

    Our team of professional commercial designers will work with you to figure out the best lighting for your business or commercial space.

    Commercial Doors / Windows in Midland

    Make sure to have the best windows and doors to stay efficient.

    Commercial Electrical in Midland

    We use trusted electricians on all of our commercial renovation projects.

    Commercial Plumbing in Midland

    We use trusted plumbers on all of our commercial remodel projects.

  • Commercial Remodel FAQ

    Common Commercial Renovation Questions

    How do you renovate a commercial building?

    1. Start by identifying the problem. What needs repairing, renovation, or remodeling?
    2. Contact a remodeling professional to get an accurate estimate and scope of work needed for your commercial renovation. 
    3. Sign a contract with the remodeling company
    4. The remodeling contractors being the work and complete it.

    How long will it take to do a commercial remodel / renovation?

    Depending the on details and scope of work for your commercial remodel, a commercial building renovation can take anywhere from 6 months to even a year to complete. These are usually large scale projects that require lots of materials and labor.

    How much will it cost to do a commercial remodel?

    New construction can cost you anywhere from $100 - $200 per square foot while renovation will probably cost around $50-$150 per square foot.

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