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    For the best bathroom remodeling service in Midland, TX make sure to go with Upscale Remodeling Midland. We focus heavily on our client experience and using the highest quality materials to make your bathroom dreams come true. Our team of professional Bathroom remodel contractors will walk you through every step of the process, from the design to the completion of the renovation job. Just fill out the form to the right to get started and we'll be in touch.

    A bathroom remodel is the way to go if you're looking to increase the value of your Midland home and give it a much needed updated look. A small bathroom is no fun but we can turn that space into a haven with a walk-in shower, stand-alone bathtub, new flooring, tile, vanity, and the perfect lighting fixtures. Whatever your vision is for your perfect bathroom, or if you're looking to add a new bathroom, Upscale Remodeling Midland is the company for you.

  • Bathroom Remodel Services in Midland, TX

    From Bathroom Design to Fully Finished

    Walk-in Showers in Midland

    Walk-in showers make a great addition to your bathroom and home. You want to be comfortable in the shower and not fighting with the shower curtain every time you step in. We specialize in walk-in shower builds.

    Floor / Wall Tile in Midland

    Picking out your wall, floor, and shower tile can be a tough task. We'll walk you through this in the design consultation to pick out the perfect tile for your dream bathroom.

    Vanity / Bathroom Sinks in Midland

    In a bathroom remodel, we'll often replace your current vanity to either add sinks or update your current bathroom with a more modern look. Whatever the look you want for your bathroom, we'll make it happen.

    Lighting Fixtures in Midland

    Lighting fixtures in a bathroom are often undesirable at best. Most of the time, bathrooms come with a lone light and fan that are a burden to the eye and not pleasant to the ears. We'll add custom lighting fixtures and increase your options for your bathroom remodel.

    Bathroom Flooring in Midland

    Bathroom flooring is a great way to increase the look of your bathroom. We have access to a wide variety of the best bathroom flooring in Texas, making us able to build out any bathroom design.

    Toilet Upgrades in Midland

    Obviously, if you're doing a bathroom remodel, you need a toilet upgrade. We can help with that too!

    Stand-Alone Bathtubs in Midland

    A stand-alone tub is a fantastic option for a master bathroom. It adds a touch of elegance while bringing back memories of the past.

    Electrical in Midland

    We'll take care of all the electrical needed for your new bathroom. You might wanted heated tile floors as well and we love making that happen.

    Plumbing in Midland

    Plumbing for a bathroom is a necessity and we make sure it gets done right with all our luxury bathroom remodels.

  • Bathroom Remodel FAQ

    Common Bathroom Renovation Questions

    What is the most expensive part of a bathroom remodel?

    Labor. There are lots of costs that can attribute to a good bathroom remodel, but labor consistently stays at 20%-40% of the bathroom remodeling project budget.

    How much does it cost to remodel my bathroom?

    With all remodeling projects, it depends on the scope of work you want to accomplish. Are you adding a new bathroom? How much demolition is involved? Walk-in shower? All of these questions factor in to overall cost you can expect to pay making it difficult to narrow down the exact number. You can expect to pay anywhere from $4k-$25k to remodel your bathroom. Give us a call or fill out the quote form to get a quote on your bathroom remodel.

    Why do bathrooms cost so much to renovate?

    With bathroom remodeling, you can expect to pay a decent amount on plumbing and bathroom design. Another reason is that labor is not cheap and bathroom remodels take a lot of labor to accomplish. There are many details that go into a good bathroom remodel like flooring, shower tile and the size of the tile will play into cost.

    How long do bathroom remodels take?

    Again, depends on what you want done. Typically bathroom remodels take less time than if you were to remodel your kitchen, but you can still expect anywhere from a week to a couple months.

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  • Bath Conversions in Midland, TX

    Change up your current Bathroom

    Do you have a bathroom that could use a little sprucing up? Bathrooms are the ultimate space for homeowners to practice good hygiene. Therefore, a good bathroom design plays a massive role in making a house comfortable, cleaner, and valuable. Converting an existing bathroom into a brand new, remodeled bathroom can be challenging without the right support. Fortunately, at Upscale Remodeling, we can help you achieve your dream bathroom with our bath conversion services. Whether you’re looking to add a new bathtub into your space or just want a new color with some artwork added to your bathroom, we can help you out. Schedule a consultation with us today!

  • Bath Designs in Midland, TX

    Beautiful, Modern Bath Designs

    Bathrooms are no longer some ordinary spaces inside a house. Today, they consist of an incredible amount of value and significance, especially when it comes to an impeccable bathroom design. From bathroom lighting to new and innovative bathroom colors, there’s a lot to take care of when designing a bathroom. If you’re looking to achieve the ultimate bath design for your home, feel free to get in touch with us at Upscale Remodeling to let us help you bring your vision to life.From traditional bathrooms to modern and unique bathrooms, we have the tools and resources to achieve it all. All you need to do is call us and schedule a consultation session with us to get started.

  • Tub & Shower Updates in Midland, TX

    Upgrade your bathroom with Tub and Shower Updates

    Upgrade your bathroom today with a tub or shower update. Considering how to upgrade the value of your home without doing a full remodel? Resurfacing your tub and bath is a great way to achieve the remodel look without breaking the bank. If you need your tub resurfaced or your bath resurfaced give us a call. Another great option is to tile part of your shower for a more luxury look.

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