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    Best Contractor to Build your Additional Dwelling Unit

    Additional dwelling units are perfect to expand your Texas rental portfolio. Whether it's short term, long term, Airbnb, or VSCO, we'll consult with you on the perfect ADU for your Texas home. Need extra space for the grandparents, kids, or whoever else you want to house? Upscale Remodeling builds out award-winning ADU's that will increase the value and your wallet.

    Building out an ADU can be a tough process and is not something you should do on your own. We're here to cover all the codes you'll need to make sure to follow and local guidelines. Fill out the form to the right to get started and we'll be in touch to schedule a consultation to build out your dream ADU.

  • Additional Dwelling Unit Services in Midland, TX

    The Best Designs for your new ADU

    ADU Kitchens in Midland

    An ADU with a beautiful kitchen is a must and we're here to do the job right. Upscale Remodeling builds some of the best kitchens you'll see from modern to farmhouse.

    ADU Bathrooms in Midland

    Whether you want 1, 2, or 3 bathrooms for your ADU, we'll work with you to make sure they look amazing. Having nice bathrooms in your ADU increase the chances of more bookings for your rental units.

    ADU Flooring in Midland

    Choosing flooring for your ADU can be an overwhelming task. We'll make sure to walk you through it and help you with tough decision making in the design process.

    ADU Wall Demolition / Wall Addition in Midland

    If you're renovating or remodeling your Additional Dwelling Units, chances are high that you'll need to either add walls or demolish existing walls. We can decide which is best when we hear your vision.

    ADU Room Additions in Midland

    Adding more space onto your ADU to grow your profile? We've got you covered.

    ADU Exterior Upgrades in Midland

    Need to renovate the exterior of your ADU? Give us a call and we can walk you through all the options, from siding, trim, and doors and windows.

    ADU Doors / Windows in Midland

    Replacing your ADU's doors and windows can really pay off in the long haul with the electric bill.

    ADU Electrical in Midland

    We'll make sure all the electrical in your ADU follows code and stays up to date.

    ADU Plumbing in Midland

    If you're doing an ADU remodel, you'll most likely need good plumbing. We only use the best plumbers in all of our remodels.

  • Additional Dwelling Unit FAQ

    Common ADU Questions

    What do I need to know before building an Additional Dwelling Unit?

    • What type of ADU do you want? (Detached, Attached, Conversion?)
    • Are you building the ADU from scratch or are you going to hire a professional?
    • What location do you want your ADU to be in? 
    • Will you need new utility hookups or are you using existing utilities?
    • What size will your additional dwelling unit be?
    • How will you layout and design the space to fit your needs?
    • What materials will you need and where will you get them?
    • What permits will you have to pull in order to build your ADU?
    These questions should prompt you to give us a call or fill out the quote form because we can help you with each of the steps to building your dream ADU.

    Is it worth it to build/add an Additional Dwelling Unit?

    Yes! Building an ADU will definitely add to the value of your property

    They not only generate monthly income, but also increase the resale value of your property as much as 20%-30%

    What size should I build my ADU?

    The average square footage of an ADU can range from 600 to 1,200 depending on where you live and local codes. It will most likely consist of a kitchen, living area, separate entrance, and bedroom/bathroom and can add additional income for you.

  • Top Rated ADU Company in Midland, TX

    Upgrading Your Portfolio

  • Add an Additional House to my Property in Midland, TX

    Passive Income is one build away

    Adding an additional house to your property is an amazing way to increase your options. If you have family that needs a place to stay, you want to rent to someone to get some income coming in, or you want to build the best vacation rental in your area, building an additional dwelling unit may just be the option for you. Our ADU Contractors will make sure to get the job done with high quality design and materials.

  • Accessory Living Quarters in Midland, TX

    Family & Friends Need Rooms Too

    No one wants to be a bad host. When family and friends come to visit you want to be able to host them the best you can. If you're looking for an awesome way to do just that give us a call and we'll give you a free quote on an ADU build. You can host your family and friends in luxury and when they're not there, you can rent out your extra space for passive income. Increase the value of your property with a custom built ADU from Upscale Remodeling.

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